taken from the conclusion of his book, Preaching God's Word.

O SAVIOR OF THE WORLD, who art little known and loved less by the world, especially through the fault of Thy ministers; Thou who didst give up Thy life for the salvation of souls - I beseech Thee through the merits of Thy Passion, to enlighten and inflame so many priests who might convert sinners and sanctify the entire earth if they preached Thy Word with humility and simplicity, as Thou and Thy disciples preached it.

But, alas!, they do not do so; they preach themselves and not Thee, and thus the world is full of preachers and in the meantime hell is crowded with souls.

O LORD, repair this mighty ruin which preachers cause in Thy Church, and if it be necessary, humble, I pray Thee, as an example to others, by some visible sign, those priests who for their own glory adulterate Thy holy Word, that they may amend, and they may not thus obstruct the spiritual profit of the people.

Thus I hope, thus I pray. Amen.

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